How To Use Snapchat Best Friend Poses: Crazy Feature

Hey! Snapchat lovers I know you are feeling crazy when something new happens on Snapchat. So, today, in this quick and easy guide I’ll explain to you how to use Snapchat best friend poses

This Snapchat feature will allow you to see the shared bitmoji poses with your best friends. The best part is that you are in the right place you will get all the information about this new feature. Without further ado let’s jump into the topic. 

How To Use Snapchat Best Friend Poses 

Snapchat’s Best Friend Poses is a feature introduced in 2024 for Snapchat+ users. Which is a premium version of Snapchat with additional features.

One of these features is Best Friend Poses, which allows us to share customized bitmoji poses with our best friends. Here’s how to use it:

1. Update to Snapchat Plus: Ensure you have the latest version of Snapchat and upgrade to Snapchat Plus, which may require a subscription.

2. Find the Best Friend Poses feature: Navigate to the Snapchat Plus section, which should have a dedicated tab or section within the app.

3. Create a custom pose: Use the Best Friend Poses feature to create a custom bitmoji pose with your best friend. This may involve selecting two bitmoji avatars and positioning them in a specific way.

4. Share the pose: Once you’ve created the custom pose, share it with your best friend. This will likely involve saving the pose and sending it to your friend through the app’s messaging system.

5. View the shared pose: To view the shared pose, visit your best friend’s profile. You should see the custom bitmoji pose displayed on their profile.

Best Friend Poses in SnapChat Plus

What Are The Different Types Of Best Friend Poses On Snapchat

Do you know how Snapchat is always trying out new features? Well, they’ve got this cool thing called “Best Friend Poses” in the works.

It lets you and your bestie create custom poses with your bitmoji avatars. You can make them high-five, hug, or even do a silly dance together!

Once you’ve set up your pose, it’ll show up on both of your profiles. That way, everyone can see how close you two are.

Isn’t that adorable? You can get creative and make your poses super unique.

Now, here’s the catch – this feature is only available for Snapchat Plus subscribers for now.

Snapchat is still testing it out, so us regular folks have to wait a bit.

But trust me, as soon as it’s released, you and your BFF are going to have a blast with it. 

Video Guide How to Use Snapchat Best Friend Poses

Snapchat best friend poses – how to use?

Final Thought 

In this guide, we have discussed how to use Snapchat’s best friend poses. I hope this article helps you. Here on our platform, you can check out how to make a sticker on Snapchat. Additionally, haccker is your go-to option for every query that you are searching from Tech, Ai, and social media to gaming. Stay tuned with us and share your lovely thoughts in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Snapchat’s Best Friend Poses feature?

It’s a feature on Snapchat Plus that allows users to create custom bitmoji poses with their best friends, visible on both profiles.

2. How do I access Best Friend Poses on Snapchat?

Ensure you have Snapchat Plus, then navigate to its dedicated section within the app to start creating custom poses with your friends’ bitmojis.

3. Can anyone use Best Friend Poses on Snapchat?

Currently, it’s only available for Snapchat Plus subscribers, with regular users having to wait until it’s officially released.

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