Riotlol Discord Server | Riotlol Kick Streamer Banned

Riotlol is a kick-streaming personality from Italy who was recently banned from Twitch. This high-profile ban has put Riotlol under intense public scrutiny but for very concerning reasons. After the news went viral, many became curious to get an inside look at the Riotlol Discord Server.

Riotlol has gained popularity as a streamer known for his content, which resembles the random video chatting site Omegle. However, allegations have recently surfaced accusing him of inappropriate and potentially illegal behavior. However, Every gamer wants to know what happened exactly. Let’s see what happened and why Riotlol Discord Server Banned.

Why Was Riotlol Discord Server Banned?

Riotol discord; Riotlol Discord Server

According to sources, Riotlol allegedly encourages women, some claimed to be under 18, to expose themselves during his live streams. He then allegedly uploads recordings of these women onto his private Discord server for distribution. 

He was then banned by Twitch, as you know like most streaming sites, Discord and Twitch have a set of community rules telling streamers and watchers how they expect folks to act. The idea is to make Discord and Twitch feel welcoming to all kinds of different users. 

Allegation Imposed on Riotlol Discord Server Admin

Reason for Riotlol Discord Server Ban Rumors

Kick Streamer Riotlol, real name Omar Aly has repeatedly shared illegal clips or video content related to minor girls on his Discord server. He Collects these through screen recordings on the video chat platform during his streaming Session. SomethingAboutChickens streamer has uploaded a video with details of these incidents. Many Streamers want Riotlol or Omar Aly should be banned and thoroughly investigated. Prioritize your safety!

Public Thought on Riotlol Discord

If you are one want to see what is happening Then join through this Riotlol Discord Server link. The official Riotlol Discord Server Name is Ling’s Lounge. You Can Join the Server by clicking the link below.

No one wants to deal with bullying, harassment, or other toxic behavior. So these guidelines try to prevent that by setting clear standards. Following the rules, you can feel comfortable hanging out, chatting, and enjoying the streams. Break them, and you risk getting banned or having your content removed. 

It’s not always fun having to follow guidelines. But in the end, they help make Discord a better place for streamers and viewers alike. The rules are there to protect users and encourage positive interactions within the community.

Final Thought on Riotlol

So Before jumping to any server that provides seamless services, one should follow the rules also. This is the lesson I learnt after the Riotlol Kick Streamer Banned. I hope you folks will also follow the rules and act accordingly so no one can ban you. Join the comment section and share your thoughts with us till the bye. 


Q1: Who is Riotlol?

A: Riotlol is an Italian kick streamer who was recently banned from Twitch.

Q2: Why was Riotlol banned from Twitch?

A: He was banned for allegedly encouraging underage girls to expose themselves on his streams and Discord server.

Q3: What happened after Riotlol’s ban?

A: Many became curious about his private Discord server after the ban went viral.

Q4: What are Discord and Twitch’s community guidelines about?

A: Their guidelines prohibit inappropriate behavior to create a welcoming environment for users.

Q5: What can happen if you break Discord or Twitch’s rules?

A: Breaking their rules risks getting banned or having your content removed.

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