Can People See Your Chats On Character AI? Here Is The Truth

The world of AI is getting wider by the day and Character AI just made artificial intelligence enthusiasts very excited. Character AI has made interaction with AI chatbots easy and exciting. Character AI can be utilized to engage these chatbots for various tasks like writing, translation, and engaging in conversations. Some people wonder can people see your chats on Character AI.

Character AI is an artificial intelligence-laden chatbot that you can use to make chatbots based on either real or fictional characters. Users can have conversations with these chatbots but some users are concerned about the fact that if these chats can be viewed by people. These concerns can cause people to feel a bit insecure & here your answer is right here.

Can People See Your Chats On Character AI?

Character AI; Can People See Your Chats On Character AI

The answer is NO, chats between users and characters on Character AI are private by default. This means they cannot be viewed by other platform users or the creators of the characters involved. This includes the inability for creators to directly access private conversations with their characters.

However, users have the option to share their chat publicly by clicking “share” during the conversation, making it visible to anyone on Character AI. Character AI staff may review private chats for moderation if a term of service violation is suspected, but they assert they only do so for specific reasons, not out of curiosity. 

Final Thought

However, Character AI typically implements measures to maintain the privacy of your chats and cannot be viewed by people. Unless you choose to share your conversations publicly or breach the terms of service, it’s improbable for anyone to access them without your awareness. This makes sure that your chats are private and that you have complete control over them.

Hope this article helped you figure out can people see your chats on Character AI!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are my conversations on Character AI private?

Yes, by default, conversations on Character AI are private. Your chats with virtual characters are not visible to other users or the creators of the characters unless you choose to share them publicly.

2. Can I share my conversations with others on Character AI?

Yes, you have the option to share your conversations publicly by clicking the “share” button during a chat. This allows your conversation to be visible on a public feed accessible to all users on Character AI.

3. Can I create my own virtual character on Character AI?

Currently, Character AI does not support user-generated virtual characters. However, you can interact with a diverse range of pre-existing characters on the platform.

4. Are there age restrictions for using Character AI?

Yes, users must be at least 13 years old to use Character AI in compliance with the platform’s terms of service and legal requirements.

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