Helldivers 2 Gameplay – Unleashing the Action

Yo, did you play that old-school top-down shooter Helldivers game where you stomp bugs from above? Well, they just dropped a sequel in February 2024. This time you’re blasting bugs and bots in the third person, up close and personal. So what’s the word on Helldivers 2 gameplay?

Critics are digging the tactical gameplay and huge selection of weapons, but say it ain’t no cakewalk. Team up with your crew on PC or PS5, plan your attacks and light up those invaders. Just watch your aim cause friendly fire is always on. Don’t blast your boys. Ready to join the fight? Check this guide Helldivers 2 gameplay – Everything You Need to Know?

Helldiver 2 Gameplay Reviews

Helldiver 2 Gameplay Reviews?

Many players flooded into the game and started playing. The players across the globe reviewed the game as per their experience. Here is the breakdown. 


The strengths of the Helldiver 2 gameplay are listed below have a look : 

1. Challenging and Rewarding Gameplay:

This new game offers a thrilling challenge that will put players’ skills to the test. Reviewers say that strategic team-based gameplay requires careful planning and coordination to succeed. Both IGN and PC Gamer gave it high marks for depth and difficulty, with scores of 8/10. Overall critical reception has been positive, as shown by its OpenCritic aggregate score of 82/10.

2. Intense and Chaotic Battles:

This game delivers heart-pounding action with consequences that keep players on their toes. The threat of friendly fire and permadeath (which can be toggled on or off) creates an electrifying unpredictability according to reviewers. GameSpot and Destructoid both scored it 8/10, praising the fast pacing. With a strong Metacritic score of 80/10.

3. Deep Weapon and Class Customization:

This game provides players with an impressive arsenal of tools to take into battle. Reviewers praise the wide selection of weapons, gadgets, and soldier classes, which allow for all kinds of different playstyles and on-the-fly strategic shifts. Eurogamer recommended it for offering this kind of variety and adaptability. PlayStation Lifestyle and Push Square also scored it highly at 8.5/10 and 8/10 respectively, with both appreciating how players can find the right gear and role to match their preferences. 


Now that we talk about the strengths, let’s explore the weaknesses of Helldivers 2 Gameplay as well: 

1.  Unforgiving Difficulty: 

While many find the challenging gameplay rewarding, some reviewers note it may be too punishing for some players’ tastes. A few like The Guardian felt the steep difficulty curve was frustrating, especially for those playing solo or new to the genre. Twinfinite and GameRevolution echoed this sentiment in their lukewarm 3/5 and 6.5/10 ratings.

2. Technical Issues: 

While generally providing a solid experience, some issues have cropped up in this game that can hamper enjoyment. A few reviewers like Eurogamer, PC Gamer, and VG247 have pointed out technical problems like bugs and performance hits that affected their gameplay.

3. Limited Scope:

Reviewers widely applaud the central gameplay as engaging and fun. However, a common critique is that the actual missions and goals lack diversity, which can lead to repetition. Destructoid, Push Square, and TheGamer all noted that while the core mechanics are strong, the repetitive nature of the objectives may cause interest to wane over time. 

What Weapons Are In Helldivers 2 Gameplay? 

What Weapons Are In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 boasts a diverse arsenal of weapons and equipment, categorized into primary weapons, sidearms, and support items. Here’s a breakdown of some notable options:

Primary Weapons:

These are some primary weapons that you need to know to choose the right type of weapon

  1. Assault rifles like the AR-23P Liberator provide versatile, well-rounded performance for different situations. 
  1. Plasma rifles such as the PLAS-1 Scorcher offer immense damage but risk overheating, requiring tactical use.
  1. Rocket launchers like the FAF-14 Spear Missile Launcher devastate groups but have high friendly fire risks.
  2. Shotguns like the SG-8 Punisher dominate in close quarters but require careful positioning.
  1. Marksman rifles such as the R-63 Diligence allow precise long-range shots with great accuracy and damage.


Here is another category of weapon the sidearms pick it up and brace yourself

  1. Machine pistols like the P-19 Redeemer give players a rapid-fire backup for close scrapes, trading accuracy for spray and pray ability. 
  1. Revolvers: For more careful, accurate sidearm shooting, revolvers like the P-4 Senator pack a decent punch while allowing controlled follow-up shots.

Support Items:

Take your game to the next level by using the support items, let’s review some: 

  1. Lethal grenades like the G-16 Impact deal big blast damage, while non-lethal G-3 Smoke Grenades provide on-demand cover.
  2. Support weapons allow clever battlefield manipulation with deployable turrets for automated fire, shields to create cover, and targeted airstrikes via the ARC-3 Arc Thrower to devastate areas.

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What Is The Price Of Helldivers 2?

Two Players fighting; What Is The Price Of Helldivers 2?

If you’re looking to pick up Helldivers 2, it’ll currently run you $29.99 for the base game, whether you’re playing on PC through Steam or PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store. And  $39.99 for the Super Citizen Edition (includes additional cosmetic items and in-game currency). 

Is Helldivers 2 Available?

Yes, Helldivers 2 is available now on both Steam and PSN. Rally your friends, pick your loadout, and get ready to conquer the alien scum threatening humanity. The people need you, soldier. Time to dive in. 

How To Play Helldivers 2 On Xbox? 

Xbox conroller; How To Play Helldivers 2 On Xbox? 

Bummer news for Xbox fans – Helldivers 2 is currently only available on PC and PlayStation 5. No Xbox version has been announced yet.

I know it sucks when a highly-anticipated game doesn’t make it to your console of choice. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t said anything about bringing Helldivers 2 to Xbox. 

How To Play Helldivers 2 On PC?

How To Play Helldivers 2 On PC

As of now, we have explored much about Hell Divers 2 Gameplay. Here we will see how to play this game on our PC Stick to the last so that you will know everything. 

1. Get Your Equipment:

Without getting the right equipment the gameplay is incomplete to avoid inconvenience look at the equipment you need. 

Purchase the game: Explore PC Steam and Play Station Store. Purchase the game Both standard and super citizen editions are available on both platforms. 

System requirements: Before jumping into battle, double-check that your PC is up to the task. You’ll want at least an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 5 chip, 8 gigs of RAM, and a NVIDIA 1050 or AMD RX 470 graphics card. 

Download and install: Follow Steam’s installation instructions to get the game ready to launch.

2. Create Your Helldiver:

Now it’s time to create your helldiver below are some of the steps you need to know. 

Launch the game: Make Sure to Double-click the Helldivers 2 icon in your Steam library and launch the game.

Create an account (optional): It is your choice whether to play as a guest or to choose to create an account for online play.

Select your class: Now that you can choose the soldier class like assault, support, or side each with unique strengths and abilities.

3. Dive Into The Action:

So, folks you did it, and you have the choice to play it solo or with the team the best part you can customize your mission. 

Single-player:  You can alone join the battle it’s up to you and your talent. Before jumping into the battle field upgrade your arsenal and choose the right weapon. 

Multiplayer: There you can squad up online with fellow soldiers to beat the enemies.

Mission selection: There are various missions that you can select and can go for the mission to complete this.

Prepare for a challenge: Helldivers pulls no punches with optional permadeath and friendly fire demanding tight teamwork. Master tactics or suffer total defeat.

Final Thought

Helldivers 2 Gameplay is a fun and challenging new game. It lets players team up to fight against aliens. There are lots of weapons and classes to choose from. So you can play in different ways. The battles are exciting but very hard.

You have to work together with teammates. Some people may not like how difficult it is. There are also some technical problems. But most reviewers think the gameplay itself is great. If you like tough co-op shooters and killing aliens, you will probably enjoy Helldivers 2. Just be ready for a serious challenge. Watch out for friendly fire and have a plan with your squad. Teamwork is important to win. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of game is Helldivers 2?

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