Hour One AI – Easy Way To Make Videos From Texts

Navigating through technology has been simplified tenfold since artificial intelligence came into our lives. The way AI has made us experts in almost every field with just some clicks is beyond explanation. There are so many AI tools out there that will help you stay on top of the trends. If you are looking for an AI video generator that is very easy, then Hour One AI is the one you must check out.  

The AI video generators are everywhere, but the one that will suit your needs is Hour One AI. This one tool will help you turn your texts into an amazing quality video. This AI video generator can take care of all your video needs. Here is everything you need to know about Hour One AI.

What Is Hour One AI?

A girl in Hour one AI; Hour One AI

Hour One AI is an AI tool that specializes in AI-powered video creation. Their main objective is to democratize the creation of professional-quality videos by providing a platform that allows users to easily generate high-quality videos without the need for design or editing expertise. They achieve this through their AI video generator platform, which utilizes text-to-video technology to create explainer videos and presentations. Users can customize their videos by choosing from various AI presenters, voices, and languages. 

How To Use Hour One AI?

Hour one AI; Hour One AI - Easy Way To Make Videos From Texts

Here is a step-by-step way for how to use Hour One AI:

1. Head to Hour One’s website and click “Sign Up.”

2. Enter your email and desired password, or log in if you already have an account

3. Once logged in, navigate to the “New Video” section.

4. Choose your preferred method of video creation:

a. Templates: Select from pre-designed templates for quick and easy video production.

b. Upload a Presentation: Transform your existing slides into dynamic videos.

c. Prompt-to-Video Wizard: Input text prompts and let AI weave them into a compelling story.

5. Depending on your chosen method:

a. Customize a template, edit your presentation, or provide detailed prompts.

b. Input key points, scripts, or instructions for the AI to follow.

c. Optionally, select an AI avatar to present your video in different languages.

6. Select a video style that aligns with your content and brand identity.

7. Add your logo and background music to enhance professionalism.

8. Preview your video and make any necessary adjustments to text, visuals, or pacing.

9. Ensure everything aligns with your vision and message.

10. Click “Create Video” and allow Hour One’s AI to work its magic.

11. Once the video is generated, download it in MP4 format.

12. Publish your video on platforms like YouTube, social media, your website, or share it directly with others. Monitor its performance and engagement to gauge its effectiveness.

Pricing of Hour One AI

Hour one AI; Hour One AI - Easy Way To Make Videos From Texts

Hour One AI presents a tiered pricing model comprising a complimentary plan and two subscription options. Below is a detailed overview of each selection:

1. Free Plan

Cost: Complimentary

Monthly Video Allowance: 3 minutes


  • Text-to-video conversion
  • Maximum of 6 scenes per video
  • AI-assisted script creation
  • GPT-driven video customization tool
  • Video sharing via link
  • Limited character assortment
  • Hour One watermark present, no option for custom branding
  • Excludes additional features like bespoke characters, templates, or priority customer support

2. Lite Plan

Cost: $30 per member per month

Monthly Video Allowance: 3 minutes


  • All features from the Free Plan
  • No watermark
  • Up to 3 member seats
  • Maximum of 10 scenes per video
  • Limited custom character choices
  • Basic analytics functionality

3. Business Plan

Cost: $235 per member per month

Monthly Video Allowance: 20 minutes


  • All features from the Lite Plan
  • Limitless member seats
  • Up to 30 scenes per video
  • Diverse selection of custom characters and avatars
  • Access to video templates
  • Advanced analytics capabilities
  • Priority customer support

4. Enterprise Plan

Cost: Custom pricing (consultation required)


  • All features from the Business Plan
  • Unlimited video duration
  • Assigned account manager
  • API access
  • Tailored development options

Hour One AI Alternatives

Hour AI alternatives; Hour One AI

Hour One operates as a video creation platform driven by AI, enabling users to produce videos based on textual scripts. Nonetheless, numerous alternatives exist in the market, offering comparable or enhanced functionalities. Here are some of the leading alternatives to Hour One AI:

1. Synthesia

  • Key Features: AI-powered avatars, customizable backgrounds, text, images, and videos.
  • Pros: Professional-looking videos, customizable avatar styles, extensive feature set.
  • Cons: May be expensive for some users, limited free features.

2. DeepBrain AI

  • Key Features: Pre-recorded avatar lectures, custom avatar creation, branching scenarios for interactive training.
  • Pros: Great for creating realistic training videos, large library of pre-made content.
  • Cons: Limited to training video content, can be expensive.

3. Veed.io

  • Key Features: Text-to-speech, video summarization, basic video editing tools, screen recording.
  • Pros: User-friendly interface, free plan available, good for quick video creation.
  • Cons: Limited AI features, not ideal for complex video projects.

4. Adobe Spark

  • Key Features: Smart trimming, automatic music selection, social media post templates, and web page creation tools.
  • Pros: Integrates with other Adobe products, good for social media content, free plan available.
  • Cons: Limited AI features, not as powerful as some other video editing platforms.

5. Murf.ai

  • Key Features: Text-to-speech with different voices and styles, real-time editing, integration with other platforms.
  • Pros: High-quality text-to-speech, affordable pricing, easy to use.
  • Cons: Not a full-featured video creation platform, limited control over audio other than voiceover.

6. Powtoon

  • Key Features: Animation tools, pre-made templates, screen recording, character animation.
  • Pros: Easy to create engaging animated videos, large library of templates, free plan available.
  • Cons: Limited video editing features, not suitable for complex video projects.

Final Thought

In summary, Hour One AI is a simple and helpful tool that uses smart computer stuff to make making videos easier. Even if you don’t know much about making videos, Hour One AI can help you create really good ones. You can choose from different ways to make your video, like using ready-made models or uploading your own stuff. Plus, there are different plans to pick from, so you can find one that fits your budget. With Hour One AI, making videos is a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hour One AI?

Hour One AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people create videos easily. It takes text and turns it into videos, even if you’re not a video expert.

2. Can I use Hour One AI if I’m not good at video editing?

Yes! Hour One AI is designed for people who aren’t experts in video editing. It has simple tools and guides to help you make great videos without any special skills.

3. Do I need to pay to use Hour One AI?

Hour One AI offers both free and paid plans. The free plan lets you make a limited number of short videos each month, while paid plans offer more features and flexibility.

4. What kind of videos can I make with Hour One AI?

You can make all sorts of videos with Hour One AI, like explainer videos, presentations, or even videos for social media. Just type in your text, and Hour One AI will turn it into a video for you.

5. Can I customize my videos with Hour One AI?

Yes, you can! Hour One AI lets you choose different styles, backgrounds, and even characters for your videos. You can make your videos look just the way you want them to

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