How To Fix Wuthering Waves Connection Error | Timed Out Error!

Are you sick and tired of constantly reconnecting in Wuthering Waves? You’re not alone, matey! Connection errors can really kill the fun, especially when you’re in the middle of an epic battle. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help you with How To Fix Wuthering Waves Connection ErrorTimed Out!‘.

Here, you’ll learn how to diagnose and fix those connection problems. That way, you can set sail again without any hassle. So, without further ado let’s jump to find out the solution. 

Steps To Fix Wuthering Waves Connection Error

Here are a few ways to Fix Wuthering Waves Connection Error or Gateway Connection Timed Out error in Wuthering Waves:

  1. Restart Wuthering Waves and relog before reconnecting. Quitting out completely and ensuring it’s not running in the background can help resolve the issue.
  1. Use a VPN when trying to log in. This may help bypass the issue when the server handshake is occurring. Use a reliable VPN service.
  1. Change your internet connection. If on mobile, switch between WiFi and mobile data to see if it has an effect. Additionally, On a PC, you can share a mobile hotspot and connect to that.
  1. Wait for the developers to stabilize the servers. With a huge influx of players, the servers are under heavy stress, causing connection issues. Waiting a few minutes on the error screen has been known to let players through eventually.
  1. Try switching to a different server region. Every server has different peak times, so entering from a different region may allow you to log in. However, characters are region-locked so you can’t transfer progress.
  1. Ensure that you verify your game installation files to confirm that they are installed correctly. This can help if you’re encountering other errors like the Fatal Error bug.

What Causes Wuthering Waves Connection Error Gateway Timed Out

The Wuthering Waves Connection Error or Gateway Connection Timed Out error in Wuthering Waves is often caused by the below-mentioned points.

  1. Server overload particularly during the game’s initial launch or major events. This overload can lead to temporary connection issues, preventing players from logging into the game.
  1. Installation file issues: can also contribute to the error. Ensuring that the game’s installation files are correct and up-to-date can help resolve the problem.
  1. Network congestion or specific settings: on the player’s primary Wi-Fi can cause connection problems. Switching to a different network or using a mobile hotspot can help resolve the issue.
  1. Server-side errors: that persist after the game’s launch may require the development team to address. Additionally, These errors can appear unexpectedly and may need to be fixed by the game’s developers.

Video Guide To Fix Wuthering Waves Connection Error Gateway Timed Out

Final Thought

Fixing Wuthering Waves Connection Error is not a tough job and you need not worry about it. This guide is now a helping solution for you.

Just follow up on the steps mentioned above. But still, if the problem remains there be patient the team will resolve the problem for sure you have to wait for that.

I have also covered How to fix a stuttering issue in Arena Breakout infinite checkout, this will help you get rid of the issue. 

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Connection issues?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I Fix Wuthering Waves Connection Error?

Restart the game and ensure it’s not running in the background, try using a VPN, change your internet connection, or wait for server stabilization.

2. What causes the Wuthering Waves Connection Error?

Server overload during launches or events, installation file issues, network congestion, and server-side errors are common causes.

3. Should I verify the game installation files to fix the error?

Yes, Verifying installation files can help resolve the error if installation issues cause it.

4. Can switching to a different server region help?

Yes, switching to a different server region may allow you to log in. However, characters are region-locked, so progress can’t be transferred.

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