How To Get Jynxzi Charm In Rainbow Six Seige? (2 Ways In 2024)

The gaming world is very intense and competitive with so many games to choose from but Rainbow Six Seige has the most players out there. Rainbow Six Siege, crafted and released by Ubisoft in December 2015, stands as a widely embraced tactical first-person shooter. Launched in 2022, Jynxzi charms were released to make the game more interesting. Here is how to get Jynxzi Charm in Rainbow Six Seige

The Jynxzi charm serves as an ornamental accessory for players within the tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. Featuring a chibi-style representation of Jynxzi, a renowned streamer, and creator of content related to Rainbow Six Siege, this charm can be affixed to a variety of weapons within the game. Let us to get Jynxzi in Rainbow Six Seige.

How To Get Jynxzi Charm In Rainbow Six Seige?

Streamer Charms; How To Get Jynxzi Charm In Rainbow Six Seige?

There are two methods to obtain the Jynxzi charm. These two methods are described below and you can choose the one that suits you. These two methods are:

1. Subscribe to Jynxzi’s Twitch Channel

By subscribing to Jynxzi’s Twitch channel and linking your Ubisoft account, you will automatically receive the charm within a few hours. Additionally, any future Jynxzi charms released during your subscription period will also be granted to you.

To get the Jynxzi from the Jynxzi’s channel, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Jynxzi’s Twitch YouTube channel.

2. Click on the “Subscribe” button located on the channel.

3. If you’re not currently logged into Twitch, please log in now.

4. After subscribing, proceed to link your Twitch account with your Ubisoft account. Access the “Settings” menu on Twitch, then click the “Connections” tab. Locate Ubisoft and select “Connect.”

5. Within a few minutes, the Jynxzi charm should be seamlessly added to your in-game inventory.

2. Redeem a Code

Jynxzi occasionally shares codes for the charm during her live streams or on various social media platforms. These codes can be redeemed on the Ubisoft website, enabling you to unlock the Jynxzi for your inventory.

After acquiring the Jynxzi charm, you have the flexibility to equip it with any weapon within your inventory. It’s important to note that this charm is purely cosmetic, offering no in-game advantages.

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Final Thought

In conclusion, To get the cool charm, you can do two things. First, subscribe to Jynxzi’s Twitch channel and link it to your Ubisoft account. This way, you’ll automatically get the charm and any new ones while you’re subscribed. Another way is to use special codes that Jynxzi shares during her streams or on social media. Just put those codes on the Ubisoft website, and you’ll unlock the charm. Once you have it, you can put it on any weapon you have, but remember, it’s just for looks and doesn’t give you any special powers in the game.

Hope this article helped you know How To Get Jynxzi Charm In Rainbow Six Seige!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Jynxzi charm in Rainbow Six Siege?

The Jynxzi is a decorative item in Rainbow Six Siege, designed in a chibi-style depiction of Jynxzi, a popular streamer and content creator associated with the game. It can be attached to different weapons for cosmetic enhancement.

2. How can I obtain the Jynxzi charm?

There are two ways to acquire the charm. You can subscribe to Jynxzi’s Twitch channel and link it to your Ubisoft account, or you can redeem special codes shared by Jynxzi during her streams or on social media on the Ubisoft website.

3. Does the Jynxzi charm provide any in-game advantages?

No, the Jynxzi is purely cosmetic and does not offer any in-game advantages. It’s a visual customization item that allows you to personalize your weapons in Rainbow Six Siege.

4. Are there different versions of the Jynxzi charm?

The Jynxzi charm may have variations or different designs released over time. 

5. Can I equip the Jynxzi charm on any weapon in the game?

Yes, once you have the Jynxzi, you can easily equip it to any weapon in your Rainbow Six Siege inventory. It offers players the flexibility to customize their preferred weapons with this unique and charming cosmetic item.

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