How To Make A Werewolf In Infinite Craft

The gamers in the Infinite Craft day by day craft something new. This game is known for its creativity that’s why people practice there also. In the past, we have a lot of stuff on Infinite Craft like how to make Valorant in Infinite Craft. Today we are going to learn How to make a werewolf in Infinite Craft. 

A werewolf is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a wolf-like creature. Either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction. Without further ado let’s jump into the game. 

How To Make A Werewolf In Infinite Craft

How To Make A Werewolf In Infinite Craft
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There is no hard and fast rule to make a werewolf in infinite craft. This game is a creativity game, you can customize the recipe as per your like and imagination. Here I am sharing what we have experimented with. 

You need Eclipse and the Moon to create a werewolf. So the recipe is as 

Eclipse + Moon = Werewolf

How To Craft Eclipse In Infinite Craft 

So, you have a clear idea of how to make a werewolf. Now, we have the two ingredients that are being used. The very first is the Eclipse, let’s jump in and craft the eclipse first. Below is the recipe that you should follow: 

  • Fire: Combine Fire and Fire to create a Larger Fire.
  • Water: Combine Water and Water to create a Puddle.
  • Wind: Combine Wind and Wind to create a Light Breeze.
  • Larger Fire + Puddle: Combine Larger Fire and Puddle to create Steam.
  • Steam + Light Breeze: Combine Steam and Light Breeze to create a Cloud.
  • Cloud + Larger Fire: Combine Cloud and Larger Fire to create an Eclipse.

We just crafted the eclipse successfully. Experiment with this in Infinite Craft, and you will get the same result. You can go with your recipe that suits you depending on your creativity. 

How To Craft Moon In Infinite Craft

This is the second ingredient that we use to craft an eclipse. Now, here we will craft this too so that you will have a clear understanding. To craft the moon in infinite craft you need to follow the below recipe. 

  • Earth: Combine Earth and Earth to create a Dirt Mound.
  • Dirt Mound + Water: Combine Dirt Mound and Water to create a Puddle of Mud.
  • Puddle of Mud + Fire: Combine a Puddle of Mud and Fire to create a Hot Rock.
  • Hot Rock + Wind: Combine Hot Rock and Wind to create a Smoke.
  • Smoke + Eclipse: Combine Smoke and Eclipse to create a Moon.

Finally, we have werewolf, eclipse, and moon ready in infinite craft. We have also experimented with how to craft a man in Infinite Craft just click and enjoy the crafting. 

Final Thought 

I hope this guide helps you with how to make a werewolf in Infinite Craft. You can now make this happen just go on the browser search Infinite Craft for the game and start with the recipes listed above. Haccker is not only dealing with games but we have stuff on AI, Tech, and Social media also stay updated with us. See you in the next crafting guide and if you have faced any issues regarding crafting anything comment in the below section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ingredients needed to craft a werewolf in Infinite Craft?

You’ll need an Eclipse and a Moon to create a werewolf. The recipe is simple: Eclipse + Moon = Werewolf.

2. How do I craft Eclipse in Infinite Craft?

To craft Eclipse, follow this recipe: Larger Fire + Puddle = Steam, Steam + Light Breeze = Cloud, Cloud + Larger Fire = Eclipse.

3. What’s the process for crafting the Moon in Infinite Craft?

Crafting the Moon requires Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Follow these steps: Earth + Water = Dirt Mound, Dirt Mound + Fire = Hot Rock, Hot Rock + Wind = Smoke, Smoke + Eclipse = Moon.