How To Use ChatGPT 4o & The Unique Features of ChatGPT 4o?

The ChatGpt wave has not died down yet. The sort of revolution ChatGpt caused in the AI field is still going on and in fact it is growing. After launching ChatGpt 3.5 and ChatGpt 4, here is another upgrade of this AI tool. ChatGpt 4o is here and it is creating quite big waves all around it. Let us together find out how to use ChatGpt 4o.

What is ChatGpt 4o (Omni)?

GPT 4o Omni Version is an improved version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model with many important upgrades. In GPT 4o—where the “o” stands for omni—voice, text, and vision are integrated into a single model, making it faster than its previous models. It can understand and respond to both text and images, and future updates will include audio and video. It is twice as fast and costs half as much to run compared to older versions. OpenAI has made GPT 4o’s text capabilities more accessible to users.

Features of ChatGpt 4o (Omni)

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Here are some of the key features of this latest ChatGPT 4o version:

1. Multimodal Abilities: GPT 4o can understand and respond to text and images, with plans to support audio and video in the future. Currently, only text and image inputs and text outputs are available to the public, enhancing user interaction.

2. Faster and More Efficient: GPT 4o operates at twice the speed and half the cost of previous versions, providing quicker responses and making it more widely accessible.

3. Better Accessibility: OpenAI has made GPT 4o’s capabilities available for free with some limitations. Paid tiers, such as Plus, Team, and Enterprise, offer higher usage limits and additional features.

4. Enhanced Text Processing: GPT 4o offers better quality and speed in handling text compared to GPT-3.5, resulting in more natural conversations and more effective responses.

5. Memory Function: GPT 4o includes a memory feature, allowing it to remember past interactions and provide more coherent and continuous responses.

How to Use ChatGpt 4o (Omni)?

ChatGPT 4o is being gradually released, and access is expanding over time. Here’s how to use ChatGPT 4o:

1. Gradual Release: Access to ChatGPT 4o is being granted in stages. If you were a previous user, you might already have access via the web interface ( or the mobile app. Keep an eye on your email and in-app notifications for updates.

2. Check for Updates: If you don’t see it yet, try restarting the app or logging out and back into your account. There may be an update available.

3. Wait for Wider Release: If you still don’t have access, you might need to wait a bit longer as OpenAI is phasing in access to ensure a smooth rollout.

Is ChatGpt 4o Free?

Yes, ChatGPT 4o is available without spending a dime through OpenAI. This free entry lets users experience the abilities of the whole GPT 4 model, such as expertise and responding to each text and picture. However, it comes with positive obstacles, inclusive of utilization caps and restricted access to some advanced features that are available within the paid degrees. Despite those boundaries, the unfastened tier provides a valuable opportunity to discover and utilize the power of GPT 4 with no price. For greater widespread use and additional features, users can choose paid subscriptions like the Plus, Team, or Enterprise plans.

Videos Showing The Capabilities of ChatGPT 4o (Omni)

Say hello to GPT 4o
Realtime Translation with GPT 4o
Meeting AI with GPT 4o
Math problems with GPT 4o
Interview Prep with GPT 4o

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT 4o marks the latest development in OpenAI’s series of AI gear, building upon the success of ChatGPT 3.5 and 4. This new model integrates voice, textual content, and vision right into a single framework, notably improving its velocity and performance. With its capability to understand and respond to both textual content and pics, and plans to comprise audio and video in future updates, GPT 4o offers a complete consumer enjoy. 

OpenAI has made this effective device greater reachable, providing a free tier with a few obstacles and numerous paid ranges for prolonged usage and further capabilities. As access is steadily rolled out, users can take a look at updates or anticipate broader availability. ChatGPT 4o is a huge step forward, imparting progressed overall performance and more natural interactions, making it a valuable resource for exploring the abilities of advanced AI.

Thoughts from Reddit on The New ChatGPT 4o Omni Version

OpenAI Releases GPT 4o! What your Thoughts?
We have in-app is an old version

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is ChatGPT 4o and how does it differ from previous versions?

It is the latest iteration of OpenAI’s conversational AI model. Unlike previous versions, it integrates voice, text, and vision capabilities into a single model, marked by the “o” for omni. This integration enhances its speed and efficiency, allowing it to understand and respond to various modalities seamlessly.

2. How can users access ChatGPT 4o?

Access to ChatGPT 4o is being gradually rolled out. Previous users may already have access via the web interface or mobile app, with notifications for updates. If not, users can try restarting the app or waiting for broader availability as OpenAI phases in access.

3. Is ChatGPT 4o available for free?

Yes, OpenAI offers a free tier of ChatGPT 4o, allowing users to experience its capabilities without cost. However, this free tier comes with limitations on usage and features. Users seeking more extensive usage and additional features can opt for paid subscription tiers like Plus, Team, or Enterprise.

4. How does ChatGPT 4o compare to its predecessors?

ChatGPT Omni represents a significant advancement over previous versions, offering a more comprehensive and efficient AI model. Its integration of voice, text, and vision capabilities, along with improved efficiency and enhanced text processing, sets it apart as a more powerful tool for natural language understanding and interaction.

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