Is Guitar Hero On PS5? Know The Truth 

I don’t think anyone hates music and if we are playing a game with music is more fun. The gaming world is not limited to specific things but nowadays many other objects have been included. In this guide we will knock out Is Guitar Hero On PS5?

Guitar Hero is a popular rhythm video game series that was first released in 2005. Developed by Harmonix and published by RedOctane. What is interesting in this game? The players use a guitar-shaped controller. Now let’s jump into the article to find out whether it is available on your favorite PS5 or not.

Is Guitar Hero On PS5?

No, you cannot play Guitar Hero on PS5. The only Guitar Hero game released on PS4 was Guitar Hero Live. But its servers were shut down shortly after release, making it unplayable on PS5. 

Additionally, previous Guitar Hero games were released on PS3 or earlier, making them incompatible with the PS5. However, you can play Rock Band 4 and its DLC on PS5 with a compatible controller. 

Are There Guitar Hero Alternatives on PS5?

Yes, there are alternatives to Guitar Hero on PS5 so you need not worry. Rock Band 4 is the most notable option, it is the latest entry in the Rock Band series and is compatible with PS5. 

The game features a wide variety of songs and supports the use of guitar controllers, making it a suitable alternative for those looking to scratch their Guitar Hero itch. Other rhythm games, such as Tetris Effect Connected and Just Dance 2023 Edition, also provide a similar experience.

Can You Use A Guitar Controller On PS5

Yes, you can rock while playing, there is an option to use a guitar controller on the PS5. PDP RIFFMASTER Wireless Guitar Controller is officially licensed by PlayStation and works with Rock Band 4 on PS5. 

Rock Band 4 instruments also connect directly to Xbox One and PS5. Other controllers, including those for non-Harmonix games like Guitar Hero, may work with the new consoles. However, you’ll need to use the same connection method as before, such as USB dongles for older wireless controllers or the Legacy Game Controller Adapter for Xbox players.

Why isn’t Guitar Hero currently available on PlayStation 5

Final Thought 

I hope this guide helps you to find out Is Guitar Hero On PS5. So, you have the right solution here, if you can’t have it on PS5 I have provided you the details of alternatives. Gaming is fun and the inclusion of Guiter-like things makes it so intriguing. I can feel your craze because I have the same for gaming you can also check How To Make PS5 In Infinite Craft. Haccker is not only your solution provider but your friend also we all are game lovers overall. Stay connected with us for more interesting chit-chat in the future and don’t forget to drop the comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Guitar Hero available on PS5?

No, Guitar Hero is not available on PS5 due to server shutdowns and incompatibility with the console’s previous versions.

2. Are there alternatives to Guitar Hero on PS5?

Yes, Rock Band 4 and other rhythm games offer similar experiences and are compatible with PS5.

3. Can you use a guitar controller on PS5?

Yes, you can use a guitar controller on PS5, particularly with Rock Band 4, using officially licensed options.

4. Is there a possibility of connecting other guitar controllers to PS5?

Yes, other guitar controllers may work with PS5, though you’ll need to use compatible connection methods like USB dongles or adapters.

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