Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day: Insider Secrets Revealed?

Porygon has had two memorable moments in Pokemon GO Community Day history. The first one, back in September 2020, brought increased Porygon spawns, and higher shiny odds, and introduced the powerful Tri Attack move for Porygon-Z, which could lower opponent stats, adding a unique twist to battles.

Then, in January 2024, Porygon made a comeback in a Community Day Classic event. Alongside the usual bonuses, trainers enjoyed timed research, special field research tasks, Pokestop Showcases, and even an exclusive shop bundle. In this guide, I will reveal all the secrets about the Pokemon Go Porygon Community Day

What is Pokemon Go Porygon Community Day? 

Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day; Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day: Insider Secrets Revealed?

As of the present moment, there isn’t an ongoing Pokémon Go Porygon Community Day event. However, it’s worth revisiting the two past occasions when Porygon took center stage during Community Day festivities.

Porygon Community Day (September 2020)

This marked Porygon’s inaugural appearance in a Community Day event. The celebration brought about increased spawns of Porygon, heightened chances of encountering its shiny variant, and the introduction of an exclusive move for Porygon-Z called Tri Attack.

This unique move not only added to Porygon-Z’s power but also had the strategic advantage of reducing the opponent’s attack and defense stats, making battles more dynamic and challenging.

Porygon Community Day Classic (January 2024)

Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day; Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day: Insider Secrets Revealed?

In January 2024, trainers got another opportunity to experience the charm of Porygon during a Community Day Classic event. While this revisit included the familiar perks of increased spawns and shiny odds, it went beyond by offering additional features such as timed research tasks, special field research assignments, Pokestop Showcases, and a dedicated shop bundle.

This event not only honored Porygon’s presence but also showcased the evolution of Community Days, catering to the diverse interests and preferences of both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

When is the next Pokémon Porygon GO Community Day?

Niantic’s been pretty hush-hush about what the next Pokemon GO Community Day will be. I’d love if it was Porygon again – its Community Day back in September 2020 was so much fun! But Niantic usually doesn’t reveal the featured Pokémon until a few weeks beforehand, so we probably won’t hear anything concrete until early March.

The suspense kills me! But it’s always fun to speculate and come up with wish lists of who we hope gets the Community Day spotlight next. Fingers crossed it’s a cool one this time around! The monthly Community Days have really become highlights in the Pokémon GO calendar. Even if it’s not Porygon, I can’t wait to see what Niantic has up their sleeves for us trainers next month!

How does a Pokemon GO Community Day work?

Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day; Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day: Insider Secrets Revealed?

As of now, you have up-to-date information, Let’s see how Pokemon Go Community Day works here is a breakdown: 

Every month, Niantic selects a particular Pokemon to take the spotlight during Community Day. This chosen Pokemon becomes much more common in the wild for a limited time, typically spanning three hours within each local timezone.

These featured Pokemon are often rare or uncommon, presenting an excellent opportunity for players to capture a plethora of them and stock up on candy for future evolutions. Additionally, there’s an increased likelihood of encountering a shiny variant of the featured Pokemon during the event. 


Community Days offer various bonuses to entice players to participate fully. These bonuses include:

1. Double XP: Earn twice the experience points for catching Pokemon.

2. Double Stardust: Collect twice the amount of stardust for catching Pokemon, which can be used to power up your Pokémon.

3. Lure Module & Incense Boost: Lures and Incense function for an extended period and attract Pokemon over a wider area, enabling players to capture even more Pokemon.

4. Special Research: Complete event-specific tasks to earn unique rewards such as encounters with the featured Pokemon, Rare Candies, and more.

Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day; Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day: Insider Secrets Revealed?

Exclusive Move

The highlight of Community Days is undoubtedly the exclusive move. Evolving the featured Pokemon during the event or within a few hours afterward grants its final form a special, typically powerful attack that it wouldn’t normally learn. These exclusive moves often elevate the Pokemon’s effectiveness in battles, changing the dynamics of gameplay.

Community and Exploration

Though not officially organized by Niantic, Community Days often foster a sense of community among players. These events encourage players to gather in public spaces like parks to enjoy the game together.

This communal atmosphere creates opportunities for trading, battling, and sharing experiences about Pokemon. Overall, Community Days provide an enjoyable way to meet fellow trainers and partake in the event collectively. 

There is no information about the next Pokemon Go Community Day event. They typically announce it a few weeks in advance, so we can expect details sometime in early March.

I know I’ll be keeping a close eye on the official Pokemon Go blog and social media pages waiting for any hints about what’s coming next. LeekDuck and other fan sites are also great spots to watch for leaks and speculation. 

Hopefully, we get some news soon – the wait is killing me! I’m already dreaming up ideas for special moves and bonuses I’d love to see. 

Final Thought

Pokemon GO Community Day has become very popular with trainers in the few years since it started. It’s easy to see why – these monthly events are really fun. Players get together to catch rare Pokemon that appear more often. There are also bonuses like double XP and special moves. It’s exciting waiting to hear which Pokemon will be featured next.

Past Community Days with Porygon have been favorites for many players. There are still lots of Pokemon that could be picked in the future too. That’s why trainers look forward to news about each upcoming Community Day.  

No matter which Pokemon is picked, these events will keep being fun times for the Pokemon GO community everywhere. I can’t wait to see what creative i