PS5 Error Code 0x00000023(Here’s How To Fix It!)

If you are in search of a solution to fix PS5 error code 0x00000023 then you are in the right place. I can understand how annoying these error codes are during the gameplay. A similar problem was Fortnite Unblocked: Play Fortnite Online for Free on PC & Mobile before. In this guide, we will fix PS5 Error Code 0x00000023

PS5 error code 0x00000023 doesn’t have an official definition from Sony, but it seems to be connected to issues with SSL communication. SSL refers to the secure connection that gets set up between your console and online service. Stick with me to that last i ll provide you solid solution to this error

How To Fix PS5 Error Code 0x00000023? 

A PS5 with a remote;PS5 Error Code 0x00000023(Here's How To Fix It!)

I ran into it when I was trying to play Madden NFL 23 the other day. The game thinks you shouldn’t be able to access certain stuff, even though you own the game. After digging around online, it looks like it’s related to some authentication bug with EA games. There’s no official fix from them yet, but I found a workaround that helped me. Here’s what you can try:

1. Go to First, head to and sign in to your account. 

2. Choose Your Gaming Platform: Make sure to click on your platform’s icon (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, etc) 

3.Log In: Now login and enter your details, make sure to input your account information for Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN. 

4. Check Account Linking: Then double-check that your accounts are all properly linked under account settings. Relink them if anything seems off. 

5. Restart the Game: Once you’ve done that, close the game completely and restart it. With any luck, the link between your platform and EA will be sorted and you can get back to gaming without that annoying 0x00000023 code popping up! 

What Are The Causes Of PS5 Error Code 0x00000023?

There are some general causes for which this error occurs. These causes may vary from user to user let’s have a look. 

1. EA Server Outages

It’s no secret that EA’s servers can be finicky at times. Outages on their end are a common source of the 0x00000023 error, especially when trying to play online EA titles. When their servers crash, it understandably causes problems establishing the SSL connection from your PS5.  

2. Maintenance Of Online Services

Occasionally, the online services themselves need some routine maintenance or major updates on their end. During these maintenance windows, you might get booted and see the 0x00000023 error code because the connection between your console and the server is temporarily unavailable.

3. Incorrect Login Credentials

We’ve all been there – you try to log into a game but your saved password or username is slightly off. Entering incorrect EA login info is a very common reason for the 0x00000023 error. Without the right credentials, your PS5 just can’t establish that secure handshake needed to connect. Double-check your account details if you start suddenly getting this after it worked previously.  

4. Account Restrictions

Sometimes your EA account itself blocks online access, which could trigger this error even if your internet seems fine. Check your account status – if you have restrictions due to past violations or unpaid bills, that could easily explain why your PS5 can’t securely connect for online play. Getting those EA account issues resolved should lift the restrictions so your console can communicate properly again.

PS5 Error Code 0x00000023; PS5 Error Code 0x00000023(Here's How To Fix It!)

5. Network Connection Problems

Let’s face it, spotty Wi-Fi is the bane of every gamer’s existence. An unreliable internet connection can cause issues with establishing that super secure SSL handshake between your console and the servers. So first, check for any network problems on your end – slow internet speeds, weak Wi-Fi signals, and faulty routers can all make it hard for your PS5 to connect. 

6. Outdated Console Software

Do you know how your phone is always bugging you to download the latest software update? It’s annoying, but keeping your system up-to-date matters. An outdated PS5 that hasn’t installed the most recent patches may struggle to maintain connections. So check for any available system updates.

7. Software Conflicts

In rare cases, some finicky software already on your console could interfere with how it communicates. Like when you install stuff that doesn’t jive well together on a PC. Try scanning for anomalies or conflicting programs that could be messing with your PS5’s ability to securely connect online.

Final Thought

I know it’s not guaranteed to work for everyone, but it’s worth giving a shot before you get too frustrated. And keep an eye out for any updates from EA about a proper fix. Fingers crossed this saves you some headaches for now though. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m Getting An Error Code 0x00000023 On My PS5. How Can I Fix It?

Try re-linking your gaming platform account to your EA account to refresh the authentication. 

2. My PS5 Games Won’t Open And Give The Error 0x00000023. What Should I Do?

Relog into your EA account and double-check check your platform account is properly linked to fix the 0x00000023 error.

3. Why Does My PS5 Give The Error Code 0x00000023 When Trying To Play Games? 

It’s likely an EA authentication bug – try fully restarting the game after ensuring your accounts are linked on

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