Rabbit r1 AI – Features, Price, Availability & Everything About It

Are you tired of navigating through so many apps on your smartphone? Has it become tedious for you to use different apps to accomplish different things and you wish for a one-spot solution? You will love to know that there is a device for you to do the same thing. Not an app actually but a whole new device that will work with just a single button. Let me tell you all about Rabbit r1 AI and everything about it.

A device made to help you get things done in a single command has been a dream for so many years now. More than what Siri or Alexa can accomplish for the user. Having a one-spot solution for all our technology needs seems like an idea for the future, but there is a company out there who is doing this for you. Rabbit r1 AI is supposed to change the way you interact with your smartphones even without being a smartphone itself. 

What Is Raabit r1 AI?

Rabbit r1 AI; Rabbit r1 AI - Features, Price, How to Buy, Availability & Everything About It

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2024, the Rabbit r1 is a small but smart personal assistant with artificial intelligence (AI). People quickly liked it for its unique design and easy way of helping with tasks. Unlike regular phones or tablets, the Rabbit r1 is made just to help you do things using your voice and a smart Large Action Model (LAM) AI. It’s different because it focuses on being simple and useful, not trying to do many different things like other gadgets.

Features of Rabbir r1 AI

Features of Rabbir r1 AI; Rabbit r1 AI - Features, Price, How to Buy, Availability & Everything About It

The Rabbit r1, an innovative AI assistant, has gained significant attention since its debut. Here are its notable features:

1. Compact and lightweight: The Rabbit r1 boasts a diminutive size, approximately half that of an iPhone 15, making it exceedingly portable. This compact form factor ensures convenience, allowing users to carry it effortlessly wherever they go.

2. Unique and nostalgic: With its distinctive design reminiscent of a bright orange walkie-talkie, the r1 incorporates a 2.8-inch touchscreen and a physical scroll wheel for navigation. This retro aesthetic not only sets it apart but also adds a touch of charm to its overall appearance.

3. App-free interface: Unlike traditional smartphones, the r1 takes a different approach by omitting pre-installed apps. Instead, it relies on its powerful Large Action Model (LAM) to engage and control the various applications on your connected smartphone.

4. LAM-driven tasks: The Large Action Model is a sophisticated AI component within the r1 that excels at understanding and executing intricate tasks across different apps. Users can seamlessly utilize voice commands to perform a range of activities, from booking flights and streaming music to editing photos and managing their calendars.

5. Conversational interaction: The r1 employs natural language processing, allowing it to comprehend user requests and respond in a conversational manner. This user-friendly feature enables individuals to communicate with the device in a manner similar to interacting with a friend or colleague.

6. 4G LTE connectivity: Equipped with a built-in SIM card slot, the r1 ensures users remain connected even when separated from their smartphones. This feature provides an added layer of convenience for those on the move.

7. Wi-Fi support: The r1 offers the option to connect to Wi-Fi networks, enhancing data speeds and connectivity options beyond cellular networks.

8. Push-to-talk button: A dedicated button on the side of the device simplifies the activation of the r1’s assistant. This feature enables users to engage with the AI assistant without relying solely on voice commands, offering a practical alternative.

9. Pixel art bunny interface: The visual interface of the r1 is characterized by a charming pixel art representation of a bunny, serving as a delightful and visually appealing element that embodies the persona of the assistant.

What is The Price of Rabbit r1 AI?

rice of Rabbit r1 AI; Rabbit r1 AI - Features, Price, How to Buy, Availability & Everything About It

The initial cost for the Rabbit r1 AI commences at USD 199, serving as the foundational price for the unit in the distinctive orange color. Additional shipping expenses may apply based on your geographical location.

How to Buy Rabbit r1 AI?

How to Buy Rabbit r1 AI; Rabbit r1 AI - Features, Price, How to Buy, Availability & Everything About It

The Rabbit r1 is presently open for pre-orders on the Rabbit website, with an anticipated shipping date set for March 2024. The cost is $199 USD, and you have the option to choose between two colors: Sunrise Orange and Night Blue.

To secure your pre-order, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Rabbit website.

2. On the Rabbit r1 product page, click the “Pre-order” button.

3. Choose your preferred color – Sunrise Orange or Night Blue.

4. Provide your shipping and billing information.

5. Complete the process by clicking “Place Pre-order.”

After successfully placing your pre-order, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Your Rabbit r1 will be charged when it ships in March 2024.

Availability of Rabbit r1 AI

Availability of Rabbit r1 AI; Rabbit r1 AI - Features, Price, How to Buy, Availability & Everything About It

The Rabbit r1 AI assistant is presently open for pre-orders on the Rabbit website, with an anticipated shipping date in Spring 2024. Notably, the initial batch of pre-orders sold out within minutes, and the subsequent batch sold out in just one day. The company intends to manufacture additional units in the future, but specific details about the quantity and frequency of availability remain uncertain.

If you wish to secure an r1, it is advisable to join the waitlist on the Rabbit website. This way, you will receive notifications when pre-orders are once again accessible.

When Will be Rabbit r1 AI Released?

Rabbit r1 AI; Rabbit r1 AI

The official release of the Rabbit r1 is still pending, but its journey thus far extends beyond a straightforward release date. Announced and offered for pre-order at CES 2024 on January 9, 2024, the initial 10,000 units and a subsequent batch promptly sold out, underscoring significant demand. For fortunate pre-order customers, shipments are slated to commence in March or April 2024. 

However, details regarding the reopening of pre-orders or a broader release timeline remain undisclosed at present. The Rabbit r1’s narrative encompasses an unveiled debut, swift pre-order sellouts, and an imminent shipping schedule, while its future availability unfolds with a certain level of ambiguity.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Rabbit r1 AI is a really popular assistant that was announced and put up for pre-orders at CES 2024. It’s been a big hit, with the first 10,000 units and the next batch selling out super fast, showing that a lot of people want it. If you managed to pre-order one, you can expect it to start shipping in March or April 2024.

But, we don’t know when more pre-orders will be available or when it will be released widely. The Rabbit r1’s story is all about excitement, high demand, and the promise of more cool tech in the future.

Hope this article helped you know about Rabbit r1 AI in detail!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the Rabbit r1 AI assistant cost?

The Rabbit r1 AI assistant is priced at $199 USD.

2. When can I expect to receive my Rabbit r1 pre-order?

If you’ve pre-ordered the Rabbit r1, shipments are expected to begin in March or April 2024.

3. Is there a waitlist for the Rabbit r1 if it’s currently sold out?

Yes, if the Rabbit r1 is not available for pre-order, you can sign up for the waitlist on the Rabbit website to be notified when pre-orders become available again.

4. Does the Rabbit r1 come with pre-installed apps like a regular smartphone?

No, the Rabbit r1 doesn’t have pre-installed apps. It relies on its Large Action Model (LAM) to interact with and control the apps on your connected smartphone.

5. How can I cancel my Rabbit r1 pre-order?

To cancel your Rabbit r1 pre-order, contact the Rabbit customer support team through the provided channels on their website. Keep in mind that cancellation policies may apply.

6. When is Rabbit r1 AI being released?

There is no official confirmation about the released of Rabbit r1 AI. The device is available for pre-order only. The AI device will be shipped in March 2024.

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