How to Remove Meta AI on Messenger in easy steps?

Meta never fails to impress us. Be it coming up with constant updates on Instagram or it is about the introduction of reels, Meta has always pushed the boundaries to enhance the experience of its users. Now, if you have browsed the messenger app in a few days, you might have seen some changes. The changes are about the Meta’s Ai feature. If you are also searching for the answer on how to remove meta AI on Messenger. Please stay here and read the blog.

Yes, recently, Meta has came up with the most awaited AI feature, i.e., the Meta AI which is an artificial intelligence integrated into posts on your feed and the search function on both Facebook and Instagram. Well, this AI feature is developed by Meta so that it can help users to get things done. Here they can learn, create, and connect with the things that matters to you.

Nice try Meta!

Perhaps, a lot of users are disliking this feature and have expressed their frustration about accidently interacting with the chatbot or while trying to search some profiles, making it an unnecessary update, leading to curiosity in their minds as how to remove Meta AI on Messenger and Instagram!

If you are also searching on the internet about this, then below is a complete guide on if you can turn off Meta AI, or not.

Can you Turn off Meta AI?

Ahh! Unfortunately, the answer is not more than a NO!

Currently, there is no option or way to remove Meta AI on Messenger or on Instagram. Though the Meta AI chatbot has some misleading information suggesting that you can remove the Meta AI feature, but there are no settings within the main Settings page to toggle off AI search.

Well, it seems that Meta AI’s responses may not always be accurate or appropriate, as suggested by its help page.

Hey wait!!! This doesn’t mean that we will not tell you about the secret steps to avoid Meta AI, if you want to!

How to Remove Meta AI on Facebook Messenger?

On Facebook, the existing search button has been replaced by an animated blue ring (the Meta AI button). On Tapping this blue ring, it will bring up a search bar where you can search for profiles or specific posts as usual. Though the location of the search button has changed, but, the functionality of the button remains largely the same once you get used to it.

Despite the initial confusion, Meta AI does offer some value. It can be used to write content, plan events, and even generate free, that too free.

Not only this, it can also provide helpful suggestions below most Facebook or Instagram posts, offering more information about a particular aspect of the post. For example, if a friend posts about seeing the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., Meta AI might suggest asking when the best time to see them is.

However, when it comes to coding, Meta AI falls short compared to other AI tools like Llama, Gemini, and ChatGPT. It seems that Meta AI still has a long way to go in terms of accuracy and sophistication in certain areas.


In conclusion, while Meta AI may be here to stay, whether users will eventually embrace it or avoid it remains to be seen. For now, users who prefer to avoid Meta AI can still navigate Facebook and Instagram with minimal disruption. As Meta continues to refine its AI technology, we can expect to see improvements and possibly more customization options in the future.

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