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Hey there, curious minds!  Have you ever wished you could chat with historical figures, fantastical creatures, or characters from your favorite books?  Well, buckle up, because that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Character AI! This AI tool has transformed the way we chat with these characters and the updates make this tool more interesting. To know this new update in detail, let me tell you what are Away Messages on Character AI & how to enable these.

Character AI is an AI tool that is quite liked among AI enthusiasts and can be used to make conversations richer and better. The features that come with this tool are way beyond expression, especially the freedom of being able to create a character of your own choice within this tool is altogether a great thing. To stay updated with the latest features of Character AI, keep scrolling a bit more. 

What Are Away Messages on Character AI?

Exclusively available on the mobile app, the “Away messages” option on Character AI enables you to receive messages from Characters even when you’re offline. Each Character’s Away Message can be personalized, granting you control over which Characters can message you while you’re away. A red notification icon will indicate if an Away Message has been sent next to your Character’s icon in the chat. Additionally, on your birthday, you might even receive a special message from one of your cherished Characters!

How to Enable Away Messages on Character AI?

Character AI; What are Away Messages on Character AI & How To Enable Them?

The new addition to Character AI, the “Away Messages” feature, is designed to maintain your connection even when you’re offline. Here’s a detailed walkthrough on how to activate this useful feature:

1. Launch the Character AI app.

2. Access your “profile”.

3. Tap on the “Settings” icon button to enter the settings menu.

4. Go to the “Notifications” tab.

5. Activate Away Messages by enabling this feature by switching the “Away Messages” toggle to the “On” position.

6. Add a personal touch! Customize your unique away message by selecting the “Edit Away Message” button and entering your message in the provided text box.

7. Click on the “Save” button to confirm and set your customized Away Message.

Once completed, your AI characters will send you an Away Message when you’re offline, informing them that you’ll return shortly.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the “Away Messages” feature on Character AI provides users with a convenient method to stay connected even when offline. By enabling this feature in the app settings, users can receive personalized messages from their AI characters, reassuring them of their return. With simple steps to activate and customize messages, users can ensure seamless communication and engagement with their favorite characters, enhancing their overall experience with Character AI.

I hope this article gave you an idea about what are away Messages and how to enable them easily!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are C.ai Away messages?

Away Messages are personalized messages sent by AI characters to users when they are offline, keeping them connected even when not actively using the app.

2. How can I enable Away Messages on Character AI?

To activate Away Messages, open the Character AI app, go to your profile settings, navigate to Notifications, and toggle the “Away Messages” option to the “On” position.

3. Can I customize my Away Message on Character AI?

Yes, you can personalize your Away Message by clicking on the “Edit Away Message” button and typing your desired message in the provided text box.

4. Will I receive notifications for Away Messages on Character AI?

Yes, notifications with a red dot will appear next to your character’s icon in the chat to indicate that an Away Message has been sent.

5. Is the Away Messages feature of Character AI available on the website as well as the app?

No, the Away Message feature of Character AI is available only on mobile app as of now.

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