What Does OML Mean on Snapchat? Here is What it Means

Snapchat is a social media platform that is constantly buzzing with breaking news, it’s the app to stay up with the latest trends and keep track with this Gen-Z. Another new trending slang “OML” is popping up with hype and added to this ever-growing slang list just like ight. Here in this blog, I tried to decode the what does OML mean on Snapchat.

What Does OML Mean on Snapchat?

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OML means “oh My Lord!” On social media platforms like, Snapchat, Instagram, “OML” is referred interchangeably with “OMG” which means “oh my God!” Users refer to OML to express surprise, exaggeration, and just to mean something incredibly good happened. 

Some users may use OML as “oh my life” but the reference remains the same.

What Does OML Mean in Texting?

As per the social media gurus, OML can mean any of these two things:

1. OML Means “oh My Lord!” Over Text

Users sometimes refer to OML as a substitute for OMG just to mention Lord over God. Here people’s religious beliefs are aligned while referring to OML over OMG.

OML Means “on My Life” Over Text

OML can also be referred to as “on My Life” as short from the phrase “I swear on my life”. Here the user is emphasizing more on their honesty to withstand the other person’s trust. 

For example, “OML, I didn’t do that!”

How to Use OML?

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You can use OML in the texts as per these:

1. Use OML in Place of OMG to Express Surprise or Excitement

The next time whenever you are exposed to an exceptionally unexpected or exciting turn of events, just go for “OML” in place of “OMG”.

For example:

  • Them: “It’s official, we are going to announce our engagement tonight.”
  • You: “OML I can’t even believe my eyes, this gonna be the best day of my life.”

2. Use OML to Express Frustration or Suffocation

The next day you are gonna have your pre-test and your neighbor is practicing their harsh drum sets. How would you react? Release your frustration with these three letters “OML”.

  • “OML!!! The best you can do is to forgive me as your neighbor, can you just put it off, I am not yet done with my pre-test!!!”
  • “OML!!! Fix it in your head, either you set your drums today or I fail my test the other day!!!”

3. Send OML to Let Someone Know you are not Lying

No belief in you from your beloved? Don’t just make it shit, just yell out “OML!!!”.

  • She: “Stop repeating it, or either I ‘ll go back to my mother’s place.”
  • He: “OML! I didn’t do it!!!”

Other Meanings of OML

The other meanings of OML are:

1. OML also refers to the Linkin Park Album song “One More Light”

The band released “One More Light” in 2017, and it’s the last album to feature lead singer Chester Bennington, who passed away the same year. 

Linkin Park fans might use #OML in a post about the band or as a way to pay homage to Bennington.

Few emojis; What Does OML Mean on Snapchat? Here is What it Means
Source: Economic Times

#:-) Smiling with a fur hat

%-) Confused or merry

%-( Confused and unhappy

%-} Intoxicated

&:-) Smiling with curls

To know more, you can visit Text Emoji.

Wrapping Up

In cluster gist, everyday a new trendy abbreviation is going round us. For that, Snapchat is the best Social Media to keep us updated. Here in this blog, I tried to explain the meaning of “OML on Snapchat”.

It may refer to “oh my Lord!” and mean the same as OMG and can be used interchangeably, sometimes in religious context or it may refer to “oh my Life” or “on my life”.

The uses are more prone to express surprise, exaggeration or frustration and can be used to prove yourself true as in case “on my life”, short for “I swear on my life”.

If you get an idea about what OML actually is and got to benefit from this blog, then like and share this with your friends and let them know to use “OML” the next time they chat.

Also if you know some other meanings of OML, then comment it down, would love to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does OML mean on Snapchat?

OML means “oh My Lord!” or “oh My Life” or “on My Life”, depending on the context where it is used on Snapchat.

2. What is the full form of OMFG in text language?

OMFG stands for “oh My Fucking God” to indicate a high rate of exclamation and this is the next version of OMG “oh My God” but is more often a slang term.

3. If someone texts you OMW, what do they mean?

It means “On my way” to show that the other person is just leaving for their house at that moment or just leaving some place.

4. What does LML mean in texting?

LML has several meanings, and it can be confusing. The top two are “Love My Life” and “Laughing Mad Loud”.

5. What does AMA mean on Snapchat?

AMA in Snapchat text slang that means “Ask Me Anything”. People send snaps and text messages with “AMA” in it to assure more people that they can ask them questions.

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