How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Loading | Explained!

TikTok like many other social media platforms is not immune to certain types of errors. Of late many users are reporting TikTok comments not loading error. The error has left the users gasping for ways and methods to fix it. I have all this covered for you. If you want to know more about it, stay connected to know. 

TikTok has community guidelines that users must follow when commenting. These guidelines aim to maintain a positive and respectful environment. It therefore means that being a user you are expected to be civil while commenting on TikTok. 

Why is TikTok Comments Not Loading?

As such there is no defined reason for the TikTok comments not loading error. However, the following are some of the possible causes that can potentially lead to such an error. 

1. Weak Internet connection: A weak and unstable Internet connection possibly leads to TikTok comments not loading error.  

2. Server Issue: When the server is down, under maintenance, or facing an outage, you can face certain types of issues with the working of your TikTok app including comments not loading. 

3. Corrupted Cache: When the cache gets corrupted, it starts undue interference with the functioning of the system and the app as well. Therefore it could be one of the possible causes for TikTok comments not loading. 

4. Outdated App: In case, you are using an outdated and the older version of the app in spite of the availability of the updated version of the latest app, this can lead to errors like comments not loading.

How to Fix Why is TikTok Comments Not Loading? 

Having said that there is no defined reason for the said error, therefore you can fix the issue like TikTok comments not loading by following the standard ways of fixing. Here are some of the ways and methods of fixing that you can try to resolve this issue. 

1. Check Internet Connection

 Check your internet connection and make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable. Switching your network connection from Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice versa will help you fix your internet connection. 

2. Check App Version

Make sure you’re using the latest version of TikTok. Outdated versions might have bugs that have been fixed in newer updates. Update TikTok through the App Store or Play Store and check if the issue is resolved or not. 

3. Background App Refresh

 On some devices, background app refresh might be disabled for TikTok. This can prevent it from fetching comments in the background. Enable background app refresh for TikTok in your device settings.

4. Date and Time Settings

Incorrect date and time settings can interfere with app functionality. Ensure your device’s date and time are set to automatic. 

5. Report the Issue

If none of the above solutions work, consider reporting the issue directly to TikTok. You can find the reporting option within the app under Settings and Privacy followed by the option Report a Problem. They will examine the issue and help you address it. 

6. Restricted Account

In rare cases, your account might be restricted from viewing comments due to community guideline violations. Check your TikTok notifications for any warnings. Make sure, that your account is restricted for whatever reason. 

7. Server Issues

Widespread server problems on TikTok’s end could be causing the issue. Check online forums or social media for reports from other users. Wait till the issue is resolved by the technicians from the back end.

Final Thoughts On TikTok Comments Not Loading

comments are not loading is a generic issue that does not have any specific reason, therefore the ways and the methods to fix this issue are standard ways of fixing it. You can try these methods of fixation without any external help. In this article, I have at length explained the possible causes and the ways to fix them. Go through the article to know in detail. 

This article can be of some help to you. If you want to add something, write to us in the comments section, your feedback is well solicited. Visit our website for more content like this. 

FAQ For TikTok Comments Not Loading

Q 1: Why are TikTok comments not loading?  

Ans: Weak internet connection, server issue, corrupted cache and outdated TikTok app can lead to TikTok comments not loading. 

Q 2: How to fix TikTok comments not loading error? 

Ans: check your internet connection, check server status, check the app version, clear the cache, and report the issue are some of the ways to fix this error on TikTok. 

Q 3: Can I  manage comments on TikTok? 

Ans: Yes, you can manage comments on TikTok. You can edit and delete comments. 

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