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Playing the game Helldivers 2 solo is scary because you don’t have any backup. But Soldiers! Fear not with the power of online matchmaking you have an option to assemble a squad. Are you thinking if you do not have any friends readily available? Then this guide is for you, you will get to know How to play Helldivers 2 with randoms  

In February 2024 this Helldivers 2 gameplay comes onto the scene as you already know. The game is a third-person cooperative shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and is exclusively available on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC. It’s time to jump in the game and see how to play this with randoms. 

How To Play Helldivers 2 With Randoms Online?

Helldivers game; How to Play Helldivers 2 With Randoms

Teamwork makes the dream work in Helldivers 2, even if you gotta squad up with total randoms. Conquering those crazy hostile planets on your own is straight-up brutal – trust me, I’ve tried. But with some random teammates watching your back, you can strategize, cover more ground, and ultimately crush those objectives.

So how do you go about assembling a crew of random comrades online? Here’s the deal:

1. Setting The Stage

Before playing with randoms you have to set the stage below is the guide. 

  • Matchmaking – Before jumping in, turn on public matchmaking in Settings > Gameplay. Set Matchmaking Privacy to Public so others can join your game.

2. Joining The Fray (Quick Play)

Here is how you can join the quick play:

  • Mission Selection – Pick the mission you want from the Galactic War table on your ship. 
  • Quick Play – Hit the Quick Play button (that’s  Square on PS5 or R on PC). The game will search for open squads on that mission.
  • Patience- Give it a few minutes to find random teammates to join up with.

3. Leading The Charge (Hosting A Public Game) While Playing Helldivers 2 with Randoms.

helldivers 2 robots; How to Play Helldivers 2 With Randoms

Now you can host the public game here is how? 

  • Mission Selection – Choose a mission from the Galactic War table that you want to tackle.
  • Public Game – Before launching, press Triangle on PS5 to make your game public so others can join. 
  • Waiting for Backup – Start the mission and chill in your dropship as players join your game. Should take a couple of minutes.

4. Communication Is Key

Communication in any game is the key you can use the below strategy

  • Non-Verbal Tools- Use pings and emotes to coordinate objectives, mark enemies, and plan moves without voice chat. 
  • Build Synergy- Pay attention to your teammates’ playstyles and support their strengths. Work together as a cohesive unit.

5. Embrace The Challenge

If you have any challenges, now you have backup have a look: 

  • Learn and Adapt – Playing with randoms means varying skill levels. Be ready to adjust strategies based on your squad’s dynamics. 
  • Encourage Your Team- With communication and teamwork, you can build camaraderie even with strangers. Celebrate wins, learn from losses, and stay positive. 

How We Can Play Helldivers 2 With Randoms, The Answer is Here!

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Final Thought 

Now you have a clear guide on how to play Helldivers 2 with randoms online. You can now join the squad and challenge the enemy with backup. It’s a great time to play and jump in the game. If you still have doubts scroll up and read it once more. See you till then bye!


1. How can I play Helldivers 2 with randoms online?

Enable public matchmaking in Settings, use Quick Play to join games, or host a public game for others to join. 

2. What’s the best way to communicate with random teammates in Helldivers 2?

Use pings, emotes, and non-verbal coordination tools rather than relying solely on voice chat.

3. Why is playing Helldivers 2 with randoms better than playing solo? 

Having random teammates allows you to strategize, cover more ground, and tackle challenges together.

4. What mindset should I have when playing Helldivers 2 with randoms online?

Be patient, embrace the challenge, and focus on encouraging teamwork and communication.

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